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I created the Deepfocuslens Youtube channel back in 2009 as a space for discussion and appreciation of the art of cinema. If I can persuade someone to suddenly be interested in some obscure Italian horror film from the 1960s, then I feel I’ve done my good deed for the day. Youtube can be a surreal place at times in that there is always that digital barrier between me and my audience. I feel this is all the more reason to be real, honest, and open to those who share the same passions and interests. I’ve discovered a lot about my identity through this. In many ways, this is also my method of personal exploration and a way of connecting with the world in some small way. 

This channel has become my mental sweet spot. I’ve been putting out free content for many years and, thanks to you, I have developed a loyal following. So, it’s only natural to take the next step and offer exclusive content to my new Patreon subscribers. With the right incentives I hope to receive a little something extra from the lovely viewers out there, who feel so inclined to contribute. Perhaps we can connect further and expand our creativity even more. 

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